A Home Security Checklist

As this book points out, most people don’t seek out home security books or take steps to increase home security until or unless they’ve been the victim of a crime.

Have you ever wondered just how secure your home or residence is from home intrusion? Do you feel your town or neighborhood makes you immune to crime? If so, “Essential Home Security” is a highly worthy read. The book exposes common security issues found in personal dwellings and explains in clear terms how to address them. The book also cites the FBI Uniform Crime report noting that burglary rates rose over the last few years both in large cities and in small towns.

The book first tackles items that may seem obvious. However, the text quickly reveals that there is often more to properly correcting issues — obvious or not– than one might think. More importantly, the book covers countless topics that are not so top-of-mind when it comes to securing our homes and property.

The Essential Security Checklist was of particular value. In less than half-an-hour, this self-test highlights true security-problem-areas in and around your home.

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