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Electric Fence Meters How-To

How to use a digital electric fence meter. Read more

Electric Fences Keeping Bears Contained

An electric fence is keeping bears contained. Kings Mountain, NC.

Using Electric Arrays to Keep out Elephants and Hyenas

(Botswana) An electric fence surrounds the installation to prevent hyenas from chewing through the system or an elephant from pushing against the fencing.

Electric Fences Stop Rhinos in their Tracks

In Jakarta, Java, Indonesia, the argument isn’t whether or not you can stop rhinos in their migratory path – you can, with an electric fence.

The debate is about whether it’s appropriate to the environment.

The Jakarta Globe:

Install an Electric Fence and Solar Charger

From American Fence and Supply Company

How to Install an Electric Fence and Solar Charger


A DIY Weekend Horse Fence

A very happy horse owner with a new fence!I’m sure we all know people that will bend over backwards to help another person out.

Then there are a few that wouldn’t go out of their way to help a friend in need if their life depended on it… Continue reading on ->

Keeping Deer Out of the Garden

Chattanooga, TN – Landowners face many problems when growing a garden, but none can be more frustrating than dealing with nuisance deer. In a single night, a few deer can devour a small garden that took a lot of hard work to prepare, plant and maintain.

Deer are most active after dark. This makes it very difficult for Read more

Electric Fence Equipment Setup


Parmak Mag 12The components of your system should be installed and mounted inside, out of sight and LOCKED out of reach from unauthorized people.


Hang the high voltage charger from the wall and connect it to the battery, placed under the fence charger using the red and black wires that are attached to the fence charger – with the red wire to the positive terminal and the black wire to the negative terminal. Read more

The Advantages of High Tensile Electric Fence Wire

Sometimes, in the course of offering insight and scope, we often lose sight of the most basic essential questions:

Why do we use High Tensile Electric Fencing to begin with? What are the benefits of using it over traditional … Continue reading on

An Electric Fence Is Not Enough

This restaurant depended on an electric fence to protect their chickens. What they didn’t have was a sensor in place to tell them that the fence had failed. The result? Almost 100 dead chickens. Read more

17 Mistakes To Avoid With Electric Fencing

From Sustainable Farming Connection:

By Wayne Burleson

With 30 years of experience building hundreds of miles of smooth-wire electric fence, I’ve seen just about every fencing mistake possible. And I continue to see folks make many of the same common mistakes. I still make mistakes myself, because I’m constantly challenging myself to make fencing easier, faster, stronger, and safer. Read more

Stray Voltage and Electric Fencing

stray voltage graphicStray voltage: The invisible and hard to explain situation that can occur on and around electric fences.

I don’t know how many questions, phone calls and emails I have received over the years that have ultimately been a result of

Continue reading on>

Solar Trickle Chargers – Battery Maintainers Defined

Which Solar Trickle Charger? – Choose the best solar battery trickle charger to keep your fence energizer, sensor and other batteries topped up.

Two highly ranked solar powered trickle chargers.

These super low watt (5 or less) solar devices are more commonly referred to as battery maintainers because although they produce enough juice to keep a battery charged they are not designed to bring a dead battery back to full charge. Read more

The Physics of an Electric Fence – How It Works

Electric FenceQ: If you are grounded and touch an electric fence that is at 10,000V, say, you will experience a shock. What happens if you were to jump in the air when touching the fence? Would you still feel a shock? Read more

DIY Mini Electric Fence

Electric FenceHow to make an electric fence out of a disposable camera: Read more

The History of the Electric Fence

Electric Fencing began out as merely a fictional idea in the 1889 novel “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” by American humorist and writer Mark Twain.

David H. Wilson obtained United States Patent 343,939 in 1886, combining protection, an alarm bell, and telephone communications. He constructed an experimental 30-mile electric fence energized by a water wheel in Texas in 1888, but it was not successful.

In 1906, the Russian army improvised electric fences during the Russo-Japanese War at Port Arthur.

In 1915, during World War I, the German army electrified fences along the border between Belgium and the Netherlands to prevent unauthorized movement of people across the border. The fences covered Read more

Electric Fence Videos

Electric Fence Videos

Fence TestThe first video is a good illustration of how an electric fence can
shock, startle and humble a person, but not seriously injure them.
I’m sorry, but having spent a lot of time on farms when I was a kid,
I can’t help but laugh out loud. Read more

Understanding Wire for Electric Fences

by Gary Duncan from

All “agricultural fencing” in the USA, consists of low carbon wire or high tensile wire. Low carbon wire is made from steel rod with an approximate 0.10% carbon content. While, this type of wire is easy to work with, it is prone to elongation (as in, stretching and sagging) and is weaker than high tensile wire. High tensile wire is made with steel rod which has approximately 0.28% carbon content. Read more

Exposing Myths – Spray Foam and Electric Fences

Electric Security FenceFound online – disabling an electric fence using spray foam:

My answer: Read more

Troubleshooting An Electric Fence


The best way to isolate a problem on an electric fence system is to follow the steps below:

1. The most common problem is vegetation in direct contact with a charged wire. You should trim back and remove any growth of tree fronds, leaves, grass or climbing vines from contact with your electric fence. Make sure Read more

Taming Electric Fence Wire

Shocked!When moving the electric fence wire for temporary pastures, here’s a handy way to save the wire for reuse: Read more

Checking the Wire Tension on an Electric Fence

Daisywheel Tightener[From] This is a good time of year to check your high tensile wire tension on your fences.  In late Fall and early Spring the air temperatures are normally at about the mid range point. There will be some expansion and contraction going on with your high … Continue reading on

Electric Fence Safety Testing

Fence Test

Electric fences are safe, even for children. The test results:
Read more