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Doomsday Preppers.TV is For Sale

This domain is For Sale. Please contact Jim Carey at or call him in Hawaii at (808) 268-6480 (GMT-10).


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Are You Being Programmed?

Third EyeHave you ever been primed? I mean has anyone ever deliberately influenced your subconscious mind and altered your perception of reality without your knowing it? Whole Foods Market, and others, are doing it to you right now.

Derren Brown, a British illusionist famous for his mind-reading act, set out to prove just how susceptible we are to the many thousands of signals we’re exposed to each day. Read more

World Stats Clock

Countdown ClockPopulation, births, deaths, extinctions, oil pumped, desertification, cars produced, and many other stats, updated constantly. Pretty cool.

Note the disease statistics – if modern medicine is so great, why do the numbers increase faster than population growth? Read more