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Automatic 12 ga. Machine Gun

Automatic ShotgunAll defense systems are multi-layered. Here’s one potential layer of support – an automatic machine gun. Read more

The Flare Gun as a WMD

Pink Gas GunWMD = Weapon of Mass Destruction. Possession of a WMD is a felony in the United States since the Patriot Act of 2002. In many States shotguns are defined as WMDs. The selective enforcement of this law is left to the discretion of local law enforcement.

In America not only are handguns classified as concealed weapons, but so are billy clubs, saps, metal knuckles, stun guns, tazers, fish bats, spring-loaded knives, knives over 3″ or 4″ long, and many other items.

If you carry a fish bat to work you need to have a concealed weapons permit, or you can go to jail.

Is this outrageous, or what? Read more