Frequently Asked Questions

RSS LogoQ. How can I get your new articles delivered automatically? How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

A. I no longer do a daily email update. Too much hassle with spam filters, registration, etc.

What I have is an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed that updates automatically the moment a new article is posted – feed://doomsdaypreppers.tv/?feed=rss2.

You can subscribe to in any RSS  reader. For more information about free RSS readers that will deliver content to your desktop, smartphone, email or wherever you want, visit this link: Free RSS Readers.

Articles LogoQ. Will you post my article, a link to my website, etc.?

A. If it’s on-subject and related to Prepping, yes. Please email it to me at jimcarey@doomsdaypreppers.tv. I pay only in bragging rights!

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