Evidence that Organic is Tastier

Farm ProduceIn any controversy it can be helpful to consider the views of disinterested parties. So, on the subject of agricultural policy and practice, it’s worth noting that an unimpeachable neutral group has joined the ranks of those who prefer organic foods over foods produced with the help of synthetic chemicals.

That group is 40 Swiss rats. The rats were better at telling the difference between organic and conventional foods than many humans have been… organic produce generally does pack more antioxidants and other potentially healthful and potentially flavorful phytochemicals than conventional produce…

What do phytochemicals have to do with flavor?

Phytochemicals are chemicals created by plants, and especially those that have effects on other creatures.

Plants make many of them to defend themselves against microbes and insects: to make themselves unpalatable, counterattack the invaders and limit the damage they cause.

Most of the aromas of vegetables, herbs and spices come from defensive chemicals. They may smell pleasant to us, but the plants make them to repel their mortal enemies.


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