Protecting Your Vehicles

electrified car defense systemDon’t you hate it when somebody messes with your car? When they lean against it, or bang it with a shopping cart, or, god forbid, they run a key down the side of it?

Even more so when they break in and steal your stuff, or the vehicle itself!

Wouldn’t you like to be able to knock them on their ass if they mess with your vehicle?

Yea, us too. So we did something about it. We electrified our car. It works great.

You can, too, with the all-new, patented* Car Zapper 9000!


Shocked by car.The Car Zapper 9000 combines electric fence and modern technologies to electrify all of the metal on your vehicle, when you set it. If anybody so much as touches your car or truck, they get a sudden, painful, 10,000 volt ZAP!

Yea, like the guy on the left.

If you’ve ever touched an electric fence, you know how painful and scary it is. That’s exactly what the Car Zapper 9000 does.

It’s OK, our technology is completely safe – it’s UL listed as “safe for humans.”

electric car defense system - electric fenceIt’s safe and non-lethal, but, man, does it hurt. One ZAP and that person will never touch your car again.

Hook the Car Zapper 9000 into your existing car alarm or electric door locks, and whenever you set the alarm or click the locks, your Car Zapper 9000 is armed. Click again, and it’s off.

Window stickers and blinking red LEDs warn passersby to keep away – you have a Car Zapper 9000, and you’re not afraid to use it!.


automobile electric fenceSmart thieves take one look at your armed car and continue on by. Dumb thieves put one hand on your vehicle and become brighter!

The Car Zapper 9000 prevents carjacking. Hit the emergency switch and your Car Zapper 9000 arms instantly. Since you’re safely inside the vehicle and the tires insulate you, you won’t feel a thing. But the ‘jacker that just grabbed your door gets the shock of his life – he’s knocked back, away from the car. He’s usually knocked on his butt – or flat on his back – making it easy for you to calmly drive away.

electric fences for vehiclesWith crime up 300% across America, doesn’t it make sense to do all you can to protect your property and loved ones?

Because the Car Zapper 9000 works by putting out a very high voltage pulse – 10,000 volts – once a second, for only 0.00005 seconds, it can run for months without draining your battery.


Here’s What You Get

The Complete Car Zapper 9000 Vehicle Security Kit

perimeter defense cars trucks12 volt to 10,000 volt Car Zapper 9000 Pulsing Energizer
perimeter defense for trailersIntegrated High Voltage Meter
High Voltage Connection Cables
carjacking defenseDPDT Switch and Mounting Bracket (On/Off/Automatic)
Automatic Ground Cable
electric fence for cars suppliesActivation Relay
electric fence for cars suppliesFuse Block and Three Fuses
electric fence for trucks suppliesColor-coded Wiring – over 100 ft.
theft preventionWire Nuts and High Voltage Connectors
car alarm parts and suppliesMounting Screws and Double-Sided Tape
2 Red LEDs With Mounts, that blink when your Car Zapper 9000 is on
4 “Danger – High Voltage – Car Zapper 9000” Warning Stickers
unusual solutionsEasy Wiring Diagrams, Schematics, Illustrations and Photos
carjacking defense systemMounting Templates
stop dogs from peeing on my car wheelsDebugging and Troubleshooting Guide
Live Engineering and Tech Support from our American (Tampa, FL) factory

Nothing else is required except a few common tools.


Options and Upgrades

If you don’t have electric door locks or a car alarm, we have a wireless security alarm that connects to the Car Zapper 9000. Great for classic vehicles; installs in 10 minutes.

car perimeter security radar.We also have a talking radar-based proximity sensor that senses when somebody is approaching your car, and calls out, “Warning! Stand back! This vehicle is electrified! Protected by Car Zapper 9000! Electrified Vehicle! Keep away!”

Other options include movement and tilt sensors that will sound an alarm if somebody climbs on your vehicle or attempts to move it.

For trailers we also have battery and smart charger upgrades; depending on battery size, the Car Zapper 9000 can run for several months on a battery charge.

Add the solar panel upgrade, and your trailer can run a Car Zapper 9000 indefinitely.

All of these options integrate flawlessly with your Car Zapper 9000, and come with our famous tech support.



If you have basic mechanic or electric skills you can install the Car Zapper 9000 yourself in an hour or less. Full, detailed, illustrated instructions are included.

For the rest of us, any decent car service center, car alarm dealer, aftermarket speaker dealer or auto dealer will be able to do the simple installation for you.

If you, or they, have any trouble or questions, call our tech support hotline and we’ll talk you through it. You can also contact us by fax, email, text, Skype, etc. We’re very accessible.

Once we go to market with the (new and patented*) Car Zapper 9000, we’ll post a list of local installers and their flat-rate prices.


Tools Required

Drill, drill bits, pliers, screwdriver.


electric defense and carjacking preventionIs it legal?

The Car Zapper is as legal as an electric fence, in all 50 States.

Despite all that’s happened to America, you still have the right to defend yourself and your property from criminals.

When somebody comes on your property to break into your car they’ve already committed a crime by being on your property. That, combined with the warning signs on your car, and the flashing warning lights, constitutes fair warning.

Same thing at work – the parking lot is private property, and the thief or vandal has already committed a crime just by being there.

The carjacking scenario is even more straightforward – when you’re in fear for your life, even the use of deadly force is legal.

Use Common Sense – We don’t recommend you use the Car Zapper 9000 in a crowded shopping center parking lot. Of course people are going to accidentally bump into your car and get zapped, and some cops can be pretty stupid about what they think the laws are.

If you have something nice that you’re taking care of – car, truck, trailer – aren’t you already parking in an open part of the lot and walking a bit farther? You’re probably taking up two or more parking spots, too, aren’t you?

Lawsuits? All of the lawsuits we’ve found involving electric fence technology boil down to 1) using multiple energizers and thus having an unregulated voltage, and 2) plugging an electric fence directly into a wall outlet, which can fry somebody.

Remember – the UL listed technology in the Car Zapper 9000 is safe and non-lethal. It’s not really the electric pulse that hurts. The pulse is too quick. The electric pulse causes a quick muscular reaction – compress, then release – and that’s what causes the pain. An electric pulse of 0.00005 or 0.00010 seconds isn’t anywhere near long enough to do any physical injury.


vehicle protection systemsOur Guarantee

electrified securityWe know that you’re going to love your Car Zapper 9000 so much that we’re offering the best possible deal imaginable:

Use the Car Zapper 9000 FREE for one month. If you aren’t completely, 100% satisfied, return it for a full refund!

You have Absolutely No Risk!



The Car Zapper 9000 has a one year warranty on all parts and materials.


Global Compatibility Is Built In

Because the Car Zapper 9000 is a 12 volt DC product, it will work on any car or truck made anywhere in the world, as long as the vehicle has a metal body.


How to Get One

The Car Zapper 9000 package will begin shipping to stores in the Fall of 2013.

Until that time, you can get a Kit version at our online store. It lacks some of the features of the 9000 model, but will sure give anyone who touches your car a powerful zap!

Buy Now

We ship worldwide. Please email us for shipping costs before placing your order.

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+1 (775) 796-2668 fax


Bonus Benefit

Have you noticed how dog piss discolors your expensive mag wheels? If a dog pees on your car when your Car Zapper 9000 is armed he gets zapped. That’ll teach him not to piss on your car!


Additional Uses

Do you have an idea for a unique or unusual use for the Car Zapper 9000? If so, let us know in a comment below, and you might win one!



Product Release Update

Dr. Jim Carey2 April 2013, by Jim Carey

As a proof of concept, the Car Zapper 9000s we’ve built are working great. Adding a remote control to turn it on and off is easy; in many cars the Zapper can be wired to the existing door locks or other alarm-controlled devices. Piece of cake. Same with adding the panic button inside the vehicle.

Our production problem is in the grounding system. We run a wire from the vehicle to ground, then anybody that touches the vehicle gets a shock. People in the vehicle are safe.

The issue is with the automatic grounding device. We have yet to find a way to quickly and reliably retract the grounding plate when the vehicle starts to move.

That’s why we’re issuing the “kit” as an interim product. In kit form, you have to attach one of the leads to ground when you activate the system.

If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

[Reprinted with permission.]

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