The Flare Gun as a WMD

Pink Gas GunWMD = Weapon of Mass Destruction. Possession of a WMD is a felony in the United States since the Patriot Act of 2002. In many States shotguns are defined as WMDs. The selective enforcement of this law is left to the discretion of local law enforcement.

In America not only are handguns classified as concealed weapons, but so are billy clubs, saps, metal knuckles, stun guns, tazers, fish bats, spring-loaded knives, knives over 3″ or 4″ long, and many other items.

If you carry a fish bat to work you need to have a concealed weapons permit, or you can go to jail.

Is this outrageous, or what? I know the criminal with the tire iron in his pants is laughing at us.


It’s all true, and is just another example of how the politicians and bureaucrats have eliminated liberty  in America.

But there are still legal ways we can defend ourselves from armed criminals.

National Geographic channel’s “Doomsday Preppers” show gave one example last night. The host was demonstrating what you can do with a flare gun.

While a flare gun would be a considered a concealed weapon if you carried it in your car or walking down the street, if you’re on a boat or in the woods it’s still considered a survival tool.

Neat! We’re protected!


The 12 gauge shell that a marine emergence flare gun shoots is burning phosphorous. You can’t put the fire out with water, and you can’t beat it out. It burns until it’s done – 1 to 3 minutes at 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Shoot that into somebody’s chest and you’re going to do a lot more harm – and cause a lot more damage – than a small-caliber handgun.

You’re going to burn a hole in their chest, and they’re going to have a lot of pain, bodily damage and scarring – if you don’t kill them.


Second point: On the show they threw a glass bottle with a few ounces of gasoline at a tree stump, and after the bottle shattered they shot the gasoline-soaked stump with the flare gun. Big fire, hard to extinguish.

The statement on the show was, “Shatter a bottle of gasoline on the attacker’s boat, shoot it with your flare gun, and then sail away while they’re fighting the fire.”

In reality, most boats are fiberglass and the glass bottle of gasoline is going to bounce when it hits the deck.

BUT, toss a paper, plastic, or glass cup full of gas at a perp – or a travel coffee cup with the sippee lid on it, which will fall off when it hits their deck – and then the plan will work.


Personally, I’d throw a red Solo cup full of gas into the guy’s face, be it on land or sea. Then, while he’s dealing with the burn of the gasoline and clawing at his eyes, I’d fire the flare gun into his chest, his vehicle or his boat.

He’ll then be dealing with fighting fire, all right – on his boat or whatever, in his chest, and all around him.

Then I’d scamper – motor – run way as fast as possible, not just “sail off.”

Third  point: Who keeps a cup of gasoline “handy?” The bottle idea makes sense, from that point of view. But I’ll be using a large-mouth jar, and I’ll remove the lid before I toss it at the perp.

It’s probably time to replace the flares for my flare gun. This will be a fun thing to use the old ones on!

– Jim Carey



P.S. A few years ago I was pulled over for speeding in Indiana. The cop asked me, “Sir! For my own protection I have to ask you, do you have any weapons in your vehicle?”

I looked around, rolled my eyes, sighed and said, “Yes, sir, I do. Based on what I learned when I was in the Service, my flashlight, my GPS, my coffee cup, my thermos, my sunglasses, my pen, my clipboard, hell, everything that’s not nailed down in here is a weapon. The vehicle itself is a deadly weapon. If all else fails, my hands, feet and teeth are deadly weapons. But I’m sure you know all that.

“Why do you ask?”

He smiled, chuckled a bit, and said, “Just checking, sir. Good answer. Please slow down and don’t let me catch you speeding again, or I’ll have to write you a citation.”

 Wikipedia on the meaning of the word “citation” –



Flare guns are still available for marine and survival use – get’em while they’re still legal – do NOT shoot anyone with them!



  1. Mike Walker says:

    Very cool. Thanks.

  2. Ashley says:

    This is so cool!I would like to own the pink mace looking flare gun in my purse for protection.

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